AHA Conference

Real Science on GitHub – Why Sharing is Good for Everybody

More and more scientists are adopting an “open source” model for conducting research. It applies not only to collaborative software development, but also to writing and publishing articles and teaching materials. Compared to traditional academic publishing, open collaboration and sharing of research artifacts allows for much faster validation of ideas and research outcomes. Openness is also one of the key enablers of reproducible research.

But how do scientists actually collaborate? Which tools can they use to share code, data, experimental protocols and pre-print articles? In this session we will discuss about GitHub as a collaboration platform, Jupyter Notebook as an environment for creating executable documents, and how these tools are already
affecting scientific communications and interactions between researchers and the general public.

会场: 不二二层 日期: 2017-04-14 时间: 15:00 - 16:30 Ivan Zimine