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How to replace large 24/7 systems and keep delivering value – English speaking

Too often we sell ‘no’ to business because our systems are big, old, and business critical. A problem many large organisations have today begins with a promise of business value once IT department delivers some new technology. Unfortunately, this might take months or even years. We seem to be stuck in either spending a lot of time in legacy replacement projects or creating even bigger mess but delivering short term value.

In this workshop you will experience Agile practices for dealing with architecture and design, often used to enable us to gain both: business value and clean architecture and therefore reducing impact of this seemingly inevitable trade-off. You will hear about new ways in dealing with complex and common architectural questions where everyone is involved, emergent design, and simplicity as a core value.

Viktor has used these practices in scaled settings – multiple DevOps teams working on same product(s). We will also debunk often heard false dichotomy that Agile soft. development and world of architecture need to compromise.

A warm-up article: http://www.infoq.com/articles/hamis-four-teams-four-years

Large 24 7 systems and agile soft dev – shanghai aha conference from AHAConference

会场: 麦哲伦 I 日期: 2015-04-17 时间: 13:00 - 14:00 Viktor Grgic